Blogging can be More Than a Hobby–30-Day Blogging Fast Track Course


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Have you wanted to learn how to make money blogging?    I have!


So I am in the middle of the 30 Day Blogging Fast Track Course by Pete and Heather Delaney Reese from It’s a Lovely Life lifestyle and travel blog, and I can’t wait to tell you about it. I am learning so much and am so encouraged, that I wanted to share it with all of you, too. This couple has built their blog up to average earnings of $30,000 per month and it’s growing and they are willing to teach us how to do it, too. In this course, Pete and Heather go into detail about how to set up your blog, how to write posts, how to manage social media and how to monetize your blog and so much more. They cover the legal and financial aspects and everything is taught is such an encouraging and positive way. You also get access to a Facebook support page where Pete, Heather, and students of the course will answer your questions or give you the encouragement and advice you need.


I’ve dabbled in writing blogs over the years. I think I’ve started about seven of them! I even tried to place some ads hoping I could make some money, but I gave up quickly, because I felt discouraged and overwhelmed and eventually gave up.  The thing is, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I didn’t know what I had to do to set the blog up and promote it properly. I had no idea how much actually goes into writing and monetizing a blog!



5 day Start A Money Making Blog Crash Course

I started with their FREE  5 Day Start A Money Making Blog Crash Course.  If it is all you do, sign up for this email course and join the Facebook page that they provide for you.  With just that course, I got my blog up and rolling. It helps you find your focus or niche, choose a blog title, set up your domain and website host, choose a logo, work with social media, how to post, and how to start monetizing your blog. I found a lot of encouragement and advice on the private Facebook group, too. Did I mention it was FREE?  You’ll see me on the Facebook page and we can encourage each other along.


If you already have a lot of that done and are ready to invest in your business, you may want to just sign up for the 30 Day Blogging Fast Track Course.  The course will teach you everything you need to start your blog and start making money at whatever speed you would like. While it’s a 30-day course, you will still have access to the course and Facebook support group for years to come.  After taking the 5 Day Start Your Money Making Blog Crash Course, I decided it was a small investment that I wanted to make in myself and my blogging future.


If you’ve already started your blog and want more detailed information, ideas, and support, then this is the course for you! They will tell you what has worked for them and what hasn’t. They will give you all the tools they have used to make blogging a successful income for them.  The link I’ve provided will lead you to their page telling you everything about the course, including everything covered in each module.


What If I Don’t Want to “Monetize” My Blog?

Even if you want to start a blog and don’t care about making money with it. If you want to:

~reach more people

~make sure it’s all set up correctly with all the legal bases covered

~sell products or services from your blog

~bring encouragement, motivation or ministry to people,

the 30 Day Blogging Fast Track Course would be great for you.


Sign up!

The 30 Day Blogging Fast Track Course   begins on January 1st, but you can complete it at your own pace. You will have access to the program for 2 years.

I suggest that you start with the FREE 5 Day Start A Money Making Blog Crash Course before the class begins. It will help you begin and have your blog ready for when the course begins.  If you just want to try that out and see how you like it, it’s a great risk-free way to test the waters. If you’d like to do that, message me here and I will send the link to you for you to sign up. All you will get is the 5 Day Course. They don’t send you any additional emails and you don’t  get on any spam lists.


   Read more about the course and the 30 Day Blogging Fast Track Course.



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