5 Easy Ways to Update Your Bedroom without Breaking the Bank

When I decorate my house I tend to focus on the areas that other people see the most–the living room, the family room, the kitchen, and the dining area. I tend to be a minimalist decorator in the master bedroom and bathrooms because I feel like I’ve run out of ideas and inspiration by the time I’ve gotten to those rooms. But we have moved to a new house and it’s time for me to update my bedroom–without changing the furniture. I want it to finally be pretty and to be relaxing. So here are my 5 easy ways to update your bedroom without breaking the bank.

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Easy Ways to Update Your Bedroom #1:  Dressers & Night Stands

If you haven’t done it already, clean off your dressers and nightstands and purge the junk. Keep only a couple of your favorite things on top. Decide to do this weekly so you can keep up the nice, grown-up look.

Easy Ways to Update Your Bedroom #2: Bedding

Buy new bedding. Or at least a new comforter (quilt or whatever topper) and matching shams–the things you see.

Bedding Tip: It helps me to keep the bed made if I don’t overdo it with the bedding and pillows. I choose a bed cover that we actually sleep under. All I have to do is straighten covers and fluff the pillows! If you buy a complete comforter set like the ones I’ve chosen below, you will get all of the pieces to coordinate at an amazing price! Think what a difference these sets could make in your room! Click the photos to learn more about the sets.

Easy Ways to Update Your Bedroom #3: Paint

Paint is the most magical and impactful way to transform a space. Paint the walls a coordinating color with the new bedding or choose a neutral. Choose a light, calming color that helps you relax and keeps an airy feeling in the room. Paint your trim a crisp white that helps the room look clean and sort of organized.

Paint tip #1:  An eggshell finish is easy to clean and isn’t shiny. Shiny paint shows all of the imperfections in the walls. A shinier semi-gloss is popular for doors and trim as it is super easy to clean.

Paint tip #2: Get the best paint that you can afford. Better paint covers better which means you use less and it lasts longer which means you paint less frequently. I have found that in the long run, we have saved money by buying better paint.

Some of the popular paint colors for bedrooms according to House Beautiful, Martha Stewart and Sherwin Williams are a soft beige-gray, light blue, pale yellow, peach, cream, forest green, and others.

Easy Ways to Update Your Bedroom #4: Furniture

If any of your furniture is looking worn, it’s time to freshen those pieces up, too. If it’s wood, use a product like Old English Scratch Cover with stain. It comes in light and dark and can bring new life into your wood furniture.  If you have bigger scratches or marks on your wood furniture, this kit below matches most wood colors and does a great job. (Always test a less exposed part of the furniture first to make sure that you like it before doing the front.)


You may want to paint a piece or two to give it a whole new look. I love the new mineral paint I have found that you can paint without priming or sanding on most surfaces, called Fusion paint. Check it out!

Easy Ways to Update Your Bedroom #5: Accessories and Accents

Now is the fun part. Choose a couple of coordinating accent pieces to add color, texture, and interest to your room. These don’t have to be expensive and you don’t have to buy them all at once. Choose one or two things to start with and add more as your budget allows. Start by shopping your own house. Maybe you have a piece that is being neglected in another room but could be cute in your bedroom.

Shop thrift stores, antique stores or discount stores for something that catches your eye.

Create a gallery wall by printing off a few family photos or favorite sayings and putting them in pretty but inexpensive frames coordinating or matching frames.

Add a plant or two.

Change your lamp or lampshade.

I just heard a designer say that a throw blanket is a “must” on the bed, so be sure and pick up a coordinating throw.

For ideas for throw pillows, check out my article, No More DIY Throw Pillow Covers.

I put curtains in the accents categories. These can be as simple as white sheers from a discount store or more elaborate. I actually found some pretty ones at Goodwill, but you may have to be patient in your search. To make your room look larger, buy curtains that hang almost to the ceiling, as shown in the picture below.

I love the snuggle factor of the velvety and faux fur throws!

Pillows can be soft and pretty and still add great texture to your room.

These lamps are great because they come in matching pairs and have charging ports for cell phones and electronic devices.

Final Thoughts and Tips

Your bedroom is a very personal space. It’s a great place to decorate with colors, pictures, and items that make you happy. Keeping it uncluttered with coordinating colors will make it inviting, relaxing and easy to maintain. If you’re not sure what color palette to choose from, shop for the bedding first and see what colors and patterns make you go. “Ahhh.” Then build on that. For textures, think soft and cozy. For fabrics think easy to care for. Don’t stress over the decorating and don’t be in a hurry. Enjoy the process!

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