5 Reasons to Camp as a Family– even for non-campers


Camping with the Family

My husband is a city boy and vacations to him used to only be going to hotels, theme parks, and restaurants. My family loves ALL of those things. L.O.V.E.S. Yet, there’s something about getting away and roughing it for a few days. I finally convinced my husband that there were reasons to camp together as a family–even if he was a “non-camper”. It was a challenge to get away at that time. We had recently built a house and lots of projects taking our time and money, but my husband was working such long hours, I knew we needed to get away.

Since we hadn’t done any camping since we’d been married, we didn’t have a lot of camping supplies like a tent, so we opted for a campground in our same state that offered cabin rental. We chose Cherrystone Campgrounds on the DelMarVa peninsula. It was a great spot–close to the ocean and places to explore.

At first, my husband was uptight–wound up in his work-mode tension. He felt like we need to do something every minute and plan things to do and see. It took him three days to finally relax, but once he did, he loved camping!


5 reasons to camp as a family. Discover! Create! Inspire!
My hubby has to have his hamburger buns toasted–even on a camping trip.


We did take a day trip to Chincoteague Island to try to get of glimpse of the wild ponies. We listened to Misty of Chincoteague audiobook on the way to the campground to prepare.


5 reasons to camp as a family. Discover! Create! Inspire!
Here is my Coralee with one of the ponies at a visitor center.



We also took an afternoon trip fishing for croakers in the Chesapeake Bay. Not only are we non-campers, but we are non-fishermen. We found out about a fishing boat that takes you out in the bay. They bait your hooks and know just where to take you, apparently because everyone caught some fish. They also take the fish off the hook and provide a cooler for you to put your fish into. As we got off the boat, a man was there who we could pay to clean our fish, filet them and deliver them to our campsite. It was -great fun. We stopped by the store and bought fish fry coating and oil and fried those fish for supper. They were so delicious. (Our campground also had a fish cleaning station–great for experienced fishermen and fish cleaners. But for a one-time experience, paying someone to clean them for us was well worth it.)


5 Reasons to camp with your family--even for non-campers. Discover! Create! Inspire!
It’s so exciting to catch a fish!


Campfires were a great way to enjoy family time with food, songs, and a recap of the day.



5 Reasons to Camp as a Family

In looking back, my husband and I realized there were many reasons to camp as a family. Here are five:


1.) To appreciate normal life

Sometimes you just have to get away from normal life to appreciate it. Leaving behind the comfort of bed, running water, food in the frig, toys coming out your ears, 250 TV channels, wifi–helps you to appreciate the comfortable western world life we have.


2.) To Recharge

Getting out in nature can bring peace and a sort of recentering to your world. Camping is a great time to relax and get away from the daily grind. Birds singing, squirrels scampering, the breeze rustling the leaves on the trees, breathing fresh air–this is restoring to your body and mind. Getting away from your scheduled life, changing the routine, gives you a break–like a week of Sundays.


3.) Find out what’s important

When you take away comforts of home and get away from the distractions of life, you find out what is really important. We find out that we can live without plumbing in our house, a microwave on the counter or a T.V. in the living room. While we do need the basics of shelter, food and water and each other, we find out that we can live without luxuries and we come to appreciate the simplest things in life.


4.) Connect with family by unplugging

If you unplug, you can spend time with your family without the distractions of chores, work, school, friends, computers, and media. Be daring! Limit screen time or data usage. With camping as a family, you will be able to find other activities to do together like hike, swim, fish, or watch the wildlife.


5.) Family bonding and memory making

Camping is a great time to explore the world together and make memories. My kids are grown now, but they still talk about the camping trip to Cherrystone–fishing in the Chesapeake, riding their bikes around the park, finding blue crabs,…. Because camping is an out of the norm activity, many things you do there will be new and memory making material! Making memories together is bonding and strengthens your relationships.




5 Reasons to Camp as a Family -- and How to for Non-Campers ~~Discover! Create! Inspire!

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