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Join the Best Affiliate Marketing Program I’ve Found!


Oh, my goodness, I’m so excited to share the affiliate marketing program I have. As a blogger I have looked for ways to monetize my blog and share quality, beautiful and amazing products with my readers. I’ve found such a great way. We’ve partnered with over 1700 stores, services and online retailers through a company that is over 25 years old!  You will earn 15% on our exclusive products. Yes, 15%! That’s unheard of. For all “One-Cart” partner stores, you will earn 3% commission. When a customer clicks through your affiliate link to our site, you will get credit for their purchase if made within 45 days! I know! Other “favorite” affiliate programs are often only a day or two. And you don’t only earn from the products you promote. Once a customer signs up on our site as your preferred customer, you will earn commissions on any of their future purchases there.

See why I’m excited??

The good news about this affiliate program is that you can get started today. We don’t require a minimum number of social media followers or page views, so you can begin using ads and earning money right away.

What is the focus of your blog? We’ve got products for you! Areas of interest include:

  • Sports
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Travel
  • Gardening
  • Beauty & Make-up
  • Clothes
  • DIY
  • Crafts
  • Family & Relationships
  • Motherhood, Babies & Children
  • Natural Products
  • Business & Investing
  • Debt Reduction & Financial Services
  • Food & Recipes
  • Cars & Car Care
  • Clothes & Fashion
  • Computers & Technology
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Collectibles
  • Home Decor
  • Video Games
  • Photography
  • Jewelry
  • Pets
  • Toys
  • Books


And you want to know a secret? We actually encourage you to buy through your own affiliate links. That’s right! Go ahead and shop your links! Test it out. Try the products.


This shows just some of our partner stores.

Image result for market america partner stores

Signing up is easy. Watch the video below and sign up for yourself here. When you click my link, my name should automatically be entered in your form so that I will be notified and can give you the support that you need. If you have more questions about becoming an affiliate or if you would like help signing up and getting started, email me at carmen @ (remove spaces). Use the word AFFILIATE in the subject line. By signing up using my link, I will offer you personal assistance and answer any questions you may have about your affiliate links and products.  By using my links, the referral information will come up automatically.



Once you sign up, I won’t leave you stranded. I will send you an email with videos and information to help you get going. Nothing spammy–just help and ideas.



Commission payments will process weekly. Commissions on a qualified order will be paid in the first commission payment process 60 days after the order has transacted.

Publishers have a 45-day referral earning window. This means publishers will earn commissions on orders that transact within 45 days of when the shopper was referred to SHOP.COM.

Qualifying Orders

Orders are qualified by the following:

  1. The ship-to address for the order is in the USA. Other countries will be added to the program in the near future
  2. The order must be placed by a new SHOP.COM customer or repeat customers that were initially introduced by the publisher program
  3. The order executes within 45 days of the referral (re-direct from publisher site)

The customer has to be referred (re-directed) from the publisher’s site for each order to qualify. If a customer, initially referred from the publisher, later returns directly to SHOP.COM and orders, that order will not qualify.

Non-qualification also occurs when the customer was already registered with SHOP.COM from another program.

Commissions are paid weekly if you choose to receive direct deposit payments, or monthly if you choose to receive paper check payments. There are no minimum payments for direct deposit.

For paper checks there is a $12 processing fee, and thus a minimum commission earning of $12.01 before a check is written. Commissions can accumulate for 270 days to reach $12.01. Un-paid commissions on orders older than 270 days are converted to un-qualified orders and not eligible for commissions any longer.


Interested in Promoting this Affiliate Program Yourself?

If you’re interested in promoting this amazing affiliate program yourself, contact me at carmen @ (remove the spaces) and use the subject line AFFILIATE BUSINESS.

I hope you get as excited about this program as I do! I look forward to hearing from you!

Carmen Rosales



Monetize your website, blog, social media account, and email list Join Now for FREE #affiliate #affiliatemarketing #affiliateprogram #monetize #blogging #blogger