The Best FREE Herbal Education Online by Top Herbalists

Best free herbalism resources online by top herbalists and experts. Free podcasts, videos, blogs, websites, and courses.

Free Herbalism Education and Resources Online

Susun Weed’s Videos are a great place to start.  I have created a playlist for them on my Youtube channel.

She has a weekly internet radio show every Tuesday evening on Blogtalk Radio. She usually features a guest and takes call-in questions. You can listen to it here. There is also a separate page with a list of all the shows with summaries at Wise Woman Radio. You can also find her on iTunes.

She also has lots of videos posted from a former internet radio show called The Susun Weed Show. I’ve made a playlist of them here.

Jim McDonald on his site Herbcraft. He does great herb walks. He has both articles and videos on his site.

Learning Herbs,   Learning Herbs HerbMentor Podcast   Great for learning family herbalism and herbalism for beginners.

HerbMentor is a great resource from Learning Herbs for a monthly fee. You can check out their free articles first here.

Rosalee de la Foret offers easy to understand teaching about herbs at her site.  She’s also the education director at Learning Herbs / Herb Mentor.

The Practical Herbalist — Real Herbalism Radio Podcast

The Practical Herbalist has a lot of good information for free on their site including an herbal library, herbal encyclopedia, and their blog.

Mountain Rose Herbs Blog with lots of information and recipes for using their products and Mountain Rose Herbs Podcasts of their Free Herbalism Podcast

Rosemary Gladstar free herbal teachings at Sage Mountain

Strictly Medicinal with Richo Cech — This is brand new, starting today. His online Materia Medica daily videos.

Chestnut School of Herbs blog

Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine blog

Herb TV on youtube. Lots of videos from top herbalists.

Bulk Apothecary

I hope you enjoy learning about herbs as much as I do. Let us know if you know of more free herbal resources in the comments.

Jerusalem Artichoke flowers. Tops sites for free herb class resources.

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I have been drawn to herbs for many years. Way back  20+ years ago when I was newly married and we had little babies, we lived in an 800 square foot townhouse. I had only a few square feet to plant anything next to the steps, but I remember going to the farmers’ market and picking out flowers and herbs. I didn’t know how to use herbs at all back then, except for a few culinary herbs like thyme and oregano, but I liked having them around me. Back then I didn’t have the internet to look them up, but I bought the book, Growing Herbs. That was it. I dreamed of one day have an herb garden and maybe even selling plants as the book suggested. I’ve never gotten much past the basics of herb growing until this year. More on that another time.

About two years ago I decided to learn more about herbs and their uses for health and healing. Herbs are so amazing in their abilities to help the body heal itself. I never realized how much there is to learn, though! So I began watching videos, listening to podcasts, and reading everything I could about herbs. There is so much we can learn on the internet for free these days and that is how I began my education. I have compiled a list for you of great mentors for learning about medicinal herbs. There are online herb courses that are great, too, if you’re ready to begin investing in your herbal education. Many of the Herbal Schools and Herbal Websites with paid courses also offer free info on their sites. Also, sites that sell herbal products also have free information.

Here is a super cool resource with so many medicinal plants and herbal remedies in it. It’s like a super guide to herbal education in one volume. Follow the link to watch the author explain the book. (This is an affiliate link.)

What plants and herbs of North America are medicinal?

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