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Hi, I’m Carmen Alexander Rosales. I’m a writer, blogger, and owner of Discover! Create! Inspire!  After 23 years of raising and homeschooling our 3 children, my husband and I are empty-nesting in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. It’s so beautiful and peaceful here. I hope to bring a little of that to you.

Life can seem so ordinary–even mundane. However, I believe that truth, beauty, and value can be found in our everyday lives. If we pause and listen, learn to see, ask the right questions, we will find it.

I created this blog as a place to share my discoveries, creations, and inspirations.  I hope you will stay connected with me by subscribing to my email updates. Subscribe here! Emails will come to you once a week and we never release your email to spammers!

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You may contact me at carmen @ discovercreateinspire.com (remove the spaces).

Oh, here are some pictures of my kids.  I knew you’d want to see them. 🙂


2001 Timothy, Coralee and Emily



2015-09-13 Coralee, Emily and Timothy


Tim and Emily Overstreet Wedding 2016