Cobalt Blue and White Kitchen Inspiration

Beautiful Cobalt Blue and White Kitchen Inspiration

My love affair with cobalt blue dishes started when I visited antique shops with my mother many years ago. I remember her bringing home this adorable cobalt blue eye wash cup which I loved to use! …until I broke it. (tears) And I’m going to let you think I was just a girl when that happened…  My own first cobalt blue piece was a Fenton vase that I saw in a gift shop which my best friend then bought for me for my birthday. I did not break that. (It’s pictured below.) When I was single and in college, I still lived at home because the university was just a few blocks away. My only personal space was my bedroom, so I painted the walls white-white and painted a cobalt blue border around the middle. Later I made blue and white pillows to go on my white lace comforter. It was a beginning.

Cobalt Blue and White Kitchen Decorating Inspiration and Ideas Fenton
My first cobalt blue Fenton vase.


I’ve added pieces plates, vases, bowls– cobalt blue glass and blue and white dishes throughout the years. I’ve been shopping the last few weeks on Amazon and have found some fun cobalt blue or blue and white dishes, appliances and more to add splashes of color upcoming white kitchen. We’re in the process of renovating our home, and the kitchen has gotten put last on the list, it seems. So my pretty blue and whites are hidden away in old cabinets for now. I’m dreaming, though, so I’m sharing my dreams with you. Dream along with me… If you love a blue and white kitchen, you may need to pick some of these up for yourself!


Cobalt Blue and White Kitchen Decorating Inspiration and Ideas


I love that you can mix and match these beautiful cobalt blue and white dishes. These plates were picked up from T.J. Maxx, Ross, and my mother’s cabinet. Ha!  I love my pretty cobalt blue cookie jar or candy dish below paired with a little cobalt blue pitcher.  There’s something magical about putting a cobalt blue jar or vase in a window. It’s cheers up your room and brightens your day.


Cobalt Blue and White Kitchen Decorating Inspiration and Ideas Fenton


My platter and covered bowl set below I spontaneously picked up from QVC one lonely Saturday last winter. They’re so pretty, though. I love that they’re oven-safe, too, so you can serve your food piping hot at the holidays.

Cobalt Blue and White Kitchen Decorating Inspiration and Ideas


We know that we are not the only ones who love cobalt blue and white kitchens and I’m so glad! While it’s popular for its gorgeous, bright clean look, there is so much available to us that everyone’s blue and white kitchen has its own uniqueness!  One day when my kitchen is finally remodeled, I will share with you my blue and white kitchen. For now I will share with you my cobalt blue and white kitchen inspiration and wishlist!

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Shop My Cobalt Blue  Wishlist

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These cobalt blue appliances make an ordinary appliance so pretty, don’t you think? Imagine them in a white kitchen…




I love the Polish Pottery. The blues are so pretty with the pop of red. I can’t decide which one I like the best. Maybe the center piece called Marischino… There are so many adorable pieces on Amazon that I couldn’t put them all here.


Mix it up with blue and white dishes or white on blue placemats.


These photos show the beauty of cobalt blue glassware as light shines through it. With water or drinks inside, the color looks darker and goes perfectly with the other blue dishes. I love putting cobalt blue vases in front of a window, though. They brighten up my kitchen or dining room!

It seems that people aren’t using canisters as much these days. We have so many appliances on our counters that there seems to be no room. But I figure, why not make my pantry beautiful, too. Think of these sitting on your shelves organizing your dry goods!



I love all the pretty blue and white mugs and tea cups on this page. These below have a tea strainer inside for your loose leaf tea and a lid to keep the essential oils from slipping away in the steam!


Check out these adorable blue bird salt and pepper shakers. When you click on the photo/link you can see them larger. They’re SO cute. –And I’ve always admired this pattern of Imperial Porcelain. So elegant for when you’re feeling fancy!


It’s very likely that I will be adding more to my Cobalt Blue and White Wishlist. Keep I would love to hear from you about your love for cobalt blue and your cobalt blue and white kitchen inspiration!

And so I am adding to my cobalt blue and white wishlist! Love the cobalt blue accessories! It’s the little things that finish off the cobalt blue and white kitchen theme. Aren’t these fun!





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Cobalt Blue and White Kitchen Decorating Inspiration and Ideas