Create a Farmhouse Style Garden Anywhere!

So I have done container gardens in lots of types of containers–plastic tubs, bags of dirt, reusable grocery bags, 5 gallon buckets, inexpensive flower pots and more. The idea was to garden a little in a home where I didn’t want to invest in creating my own garden bed. While those ideas worked, they were UGLY! Haha! My poor neighbors had to look at that mess. I still have some plants in buckets and find it’s an easy way to start my herbs, but I’m thinking my garden needs an facelift. With that in mind, I have found the cutest country container gardening planters ever and with them you can create a farmhouse style garden anywhere!

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Make The Outside Look as Inviting as the Inside

I tend to think of decorating the inside of my home first. And that’s great. But with springtime almost here, I’m thinking about sprucing up the front yard and my herb gardens! Whether you’ve been gardening already or this is all new, you can make your yard, front porch or entryway an inviting place to enter for you and your guests and make your patio or deck a relaxing retreat. It isn’t that difficult.

If you have time, get on Pinterest and find you some DIY crafts to make for your yard. If not, try some cute planters like I have here. Start by moving any of your old ugly garden pots behind the house and out of site. That’s what I did last fall and it makes such a difference!







Farmhouse Front Porch or Patio Ideas

Not all of us are blessed to have a front porch or covered patio, but if you do, you have an ideal opportunity to add farmhouse flair for all to see and enjoy.  Look at these mix and match treasures I found to start you out!




A fun thing about these containers is you can make any ordinary suburb yard look adorably Farmhouse Style with these containers. Think Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper Style! Offset some of the smaller planters next to your shrubbery for vintage accents.


Think Groupings

Grouping different-sized planters like these Galvanized metal and Apple Barrel Planters together in a corner of the yard will be so cute. On a patio or balcony, you could put a taller element in the corner, add two medium-sized elements, like the galvanized pots above on either side and then add statement pieces with those,  like the little pig planter or the copper water spigot planter.


To Match or Not to Match

Farmhouse and Country style is rustic and things are supposed to look like you’ve collected them over time. You don’t need things to be all matchy-matchy. You can use different textures and materials. Galvanized metal, wood, farm animals, cement-look planters, windmills, and the like are all in the same vein of this rustic, country, relaxed and comfortable style. Whether the items look new or worn and rusty, these elements will look at home in a farmhouse style garden. Mix and match, grouping in odd numbers just like the interior decor.

If you want to bring cohesion to this eclectic farmhouse blend, use some of the same colors of flowers and plants in the different parts of the yard. To make your planters the focal point, use soft colored or white flowers in those.



Add Height

To keep the eye moving and to add balance to your yard, consider adding taller fixtures as well as shorter planters. You could add the taller windmill planter or water spigot planters behind flowers or bushes to had height to your flower garden.

To add height and to give a timeless charm to your flower garden, place a tomato cage in the large apple barrel above and plant morning glory seeds (or other climbing flowers). They will grow up and cover the cage and will keep them from taking over your garden. (You can also make a teepee shape with bamboo sticks tied together which is cuter while waiting for the vine to grow.)


Raised beds with a trellis–on wheels on not.


Different Areas of the Yard

When adding accents to your yard, I recommend adding the first things where you and guests will see them and enjoy them the most. Consider the front corner at the entrance of your driveway or walking up to the front door. If no one ever uses the front door, then start with the doorway porch where everyone enters. Make it cheerful and set the style and tone you want to convey there.

Rustic Farmhouse Outdoor Lighting

Look at these beautiful solar lights that would make a beautiful farmhouse addition to your yard, patio, or garden. Some can be used hanging OR on your tabletop.


If you don’t already have a place to hang a light or lantern in your yard, hooks like these are easy to use and flexible in placement. Put them along your sidewalk, in the middle of a flower grouping, etc.

I really love these planters for turning a regular patio, deck, or apartment patio into a Country style oasis.  Hope you love them, too!




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