Gift Guide for Women in 2021

Gift Guide for Women in 2021

So you want to get a special and unique gift for a lady in your life, but sometimes it’s difficult to come up with new ideas of presents she would appreciate. It’s really difficult to find a gift for a woman who has everything already. Want to know what to get her for a Christmas gift or what moms and grandmothers want for Mother’s Day? What’s the perfect birthday present for her? Well, I’ve done the shopping for you with this gift guide for women from Amazon. You are sure to find several gifts here that the woman in your life will enjoy receiving.

The great thing about shopping on Amazon is you can read the reviews, compare products and returns are so easy. You shouldn’t need to return these gifts, though, as they are sure to please. 

Many of these gifts for her are under $50 dollars, Most are gifts under $100 and some are even gifts under $25. All are above rated- highly on Amazon and have good reviews. 

How to Choose a Gift for a Woman Who Has Everything:

Women who seem to have everything already are the most difficult to shop for. Or maybe she is picky. Or maybe you don’t even know what she has already but you want to get her something she’ll like–something unique. 

To decide what to give her think about what you know about her and about what she enjoys doing. Here are few questions to ask:

  • Does she wear makeup? Consider make-up accessories.
  • Does she like to do different things with her hair, like curl it or straighten it? Consider special hair styling products.
  • Does she always have the latest tech gadgets as soon as they are out or does she only have the older versions. Maybe she needs an update.
  • Does she like music or listen to audiobooks and podcasts? She might like something extra to listen to besides her phone.
  • Is she into fitness? Maybe a fitness book, accessory or Fitbit would help her out.
  • Does she have a stressful life or job? Consider giving her Spa Day and self-care products.
  • Does she like cooking? Does she like to cook but has only her time is limited? Maybe she would like the latest time-saving cooking gadget.
  • Does she like to entertain? A product to make entertaining fun and easy is sure to please her.
  • Does she like the outdoors? Maybe something for watching the birds or having a picnic would make her day.
  • Would she like to get better sleep? There are some great sleep devices that could help.
  • Does she like plants or gardening? An indoor herb garden could be a fun gift.

Below you will find items to fit most of these categories. As you browse through the list, remember your answers to the questions above and let that guide you.


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Hand-blown Glass Humming Bird Feeder

She just needs a little place to hang this hummingbird feeder, fill it with sugar water, and watch the hummingbirds come. It will be so pretty hanging from her porch, eave, or in her yard.


      Luxury Bath Caddy

      For her pampering and self-care spa days, this tub caddy will be enjoyed for years to come. Pair it with the saterproof speaker below to create a relaxing ambiance.



      Mini Waterproof Shower Bluetooth Speaker

      Play music from your phone with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Great for the shower or by the pool. Pair it with the Luxury Bath Caddy above to for a relaxing spa package gift.



      Fitbit Versa 2 and Fitness Smartwatch

      If she wants to track her steps and fitness, the Fitbit Versa 2 can help. Tracks steps, sleep, heart rate, swimming and has a built in Alexa.

          Indoor Herb Garden Kit

          Fun for the cook or gardener, this indoor herb garden kit will be used throughout the year. 


          Ninja Foodie 9-in-1

          If she likes to cook and likes gadgets, this all-in-one countertop cooker can save a lot of counter space. It is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, air-fryer, and more. It is well-loved by its users with over 33,000 5-star reviews on Amazon.  Get the six-quart if she just cooks for two or the eight-quart size if she likes to cook for others. 


          Set of Nine Flameless Candles

          This is the best deal on flameless candles that I have ever seen. It makes a nice display like on a mantle or fireplace or can be separated and used around the house. Comes with two remote controls. These candles are so realistic and she doesn’t have to worry about kids or pets knocking them over.


          Sleep White Noise Machine

          So she can drown out the sound of the family or neighbors, this white noise machine will come in handy. Has a choice of sounds and volume and come in this pretty wood-look finish.

          3D Glass Essential Oil Diffuser

          If she’s into essential oils, this 3D infuser is a beautiful way to use them in her home or at work.



          17 Key Kalimba Thumb Piano

          This thumb piano is easy to play and lots of fun. It has a peaceful sound and makes a unique gift she is sure to enjoy.



          Picnic Backpack with Blanket for Four People

          Surprise her with a picnic and this fun and functional backpack-style picnic basket. Comes with a blanket, a cutting/serving board, reusable silverware, plates, glasses and napkins. It has a thermal lining to keep food cold.



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          Embroidered Backpack Travel Bag /  Purse

          This pretty backpack is perfect for carrying items on her commute, on the plane or around town. She can carry on her shoulder or back to keep her hands free for shopping or the kids. Comes in more patterns.



          Neck and Shoulder Massager

          If she’s prone to carrying tension in her neck and shoulders, this massager is just what she needs. 


          Sleep Bluetooth Headphones and Eye Mask

          Great for sleeping with someone who snores or to take a nap on a plane, at work or anywhere, these bluetooth headphones and eye mask will ensure a good rest. Blocks out loud noises and light so she can sleep peacefully. Fall asleep listening to music or your favorite podcast or audiobook. 


          Charcuterie / Cheese Board Set

          If she likes to entertain, this charcuterie board is just what she needs. Put out cheese, meats, fruit, dips, and crackers for family game night, date night, or girls’ night in. This is expandable and comes with a hidden compartment for knives and accessories.  



          Makeup Organizer

          This neat makeup organizer will keep all that make-up in one space. Can even use it for jewelry, too. Great in the bathroom or dresser top. Pair it with the make-up mirror below.



           Light-up Vanity Mirror

          This folding mirror has 3 colors of diffused lights so you can get your makeup just right. Can be used with batteries or a micro USB charger. The folding sides let you see the sides of your face as well as the front. Pair it with the make-up organizer above.



          4-Piece Faux Leather Purse Set

          This is a bargain price on this top-rated and best-seller four-piece purse set. It comes 33 colors and patterns to choose from. 



          Crystal Birthstone Necklace, Earring and Bracelet Set

          You’re sure to please her with this unique and modern birthstone set. Choose from all 12 birthstones.  (Only the necklace is shown here.)



          Mama Bear Slippers


          Wind-proof Inverted Umbrella

          You’ll be sure to find a color and pattern she will like of this pretty and practical umbrella. Not damaged in the wind, this umbrella is great to bring protection and a little sunshine to those stormy days. 



          Crystal Heart Infinity Bracelet

          Express your eternal love with this bracelet perfect for a mom, grandma, sister, daughter, wife or girlfriend.

          Deep Tissue Massage Gun

          Again, a top-rated gift from Amazon. This deep-tissue massage gun gets to the tension causing knots in your muscles to bring much-needed relief.



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          Eufy Robo-Vac 11S Robotic Vacuum

          I have this Eufy Robo-Vac 11S and it’s a wonderful time-saver. Works great and makes a great gift.


          HD Digitial Multi-media Photo Frame

          Play your digital photos and keep your family close while they’re away. Display your vacation photos, grandkids’ photos or inspirational photos. Has a motion sensor to save energy and will display photos when you enter the room. Has a speaker, headphone jack, calendar, and more.

          This Retro-look Record Player has Modern Features

          Not only does this record player play vinyl records at both 33 and 45 rpms, but it also has a CD player, Tape Player and an AM/FM radio and it records. You are able to digitize your analog recordings from your records, tapes and CDs onto a USB flash drive or CD. This is another item I personally own and I was able to save cassette tape recordings from when I was younger and to a USB. I then made CDs to share with family. Or you could upload them to Youtube. The sound quality of the speakers on this player is really good and our whole family enjoys it.

          Ninja Professional 72 oz. Blender

          A top-rated best seller on Amazon, this Ninja Blender is powerful enough for ice and frozen fruit to make that perfect smoothie. 


          Dual Dash Cam

          Bring her peace of mind with this Dual Dash Camera with night vision, parking mode, loop recording and more. 



          Fire HD Tablet with Alexa

          This tablet is an affordable option for watching movies, listening to music, shopping online, checking social media and more on a bigger screen than her phone. Still small enough to carry in her purse, this is a gift she is sure to use a lot.


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