HempFusion Hemp Extract CBD Product Review

Recently I asked my chiropractor what he recommended for natural pain relief. His immediate response was, try CBD. He went on to tell my stories of patients who had been helped by it. But CBD was still kind of a mystery to me. Since it is so newly available on the market, I hadn’t done a lot of research into it. I wanted to buy from a reputable company that I could trust to give me a high-quality product. Not knowing where to start, I just waited.

Trying CBD

So I was happy when I was approached to try out and review a few HempFusion products. I received a lovely box of goodies from them and am still working my way through them. What I am learning is that a Hemp Extract with CBD is so much more than pain relief. It isn’t medicine, but an herbal product to help nourish and heal your body. As with HempFusion products, most CBD is extracted from the Hemp plant, not the Marijuana) plant because it has more CBD and less THC (the stuff that makes you high). So you can be sure that unless a CBD product is labeled to have THC, it will not get you high.


HempFusion – The Company

Of course, I first had to look into the company and the quality of its products. I was delighted to discover that all of their CBD products are full-spectrum–meaning they use the whole plant in their extractions. Because they use the Hemp plant, they do not have to extract the CBD but offer a product rich in multiple cannabinoids and terpenes. I much prefer this to only extracting a certain compound in the plant as it provides more nutritional elements. It also helped me to know that HempFusion is not just wanting to sell a product because CBD is a hot product right now; they understand that the whole hemp plant is nutritional fo us. HempFusion is also U.S. Hemp Authority certified. Learning these things helped to ease my concerns.


HempFusion Review Hemp CBD


Sleep CBD Hemp Extract

Because I’ve been having trouble sleeping, I started with the HempFusion Sleep CBD Hemp Extract. The product comes in pill form which is easy to take. And I’ll tell you that it did help me relax and fall asleep. Some reviews of the product indicate that it takes some time to kick in, so I took it an hour before bedtime. While I was very hopeful at first, I think my sleep issues at the moment may be too much for it.  I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep after four hours. I waited a week and tried it again. The same thing happened. But this had been happening often lately no matter what I took to sleep. Because the product has GABA in it, I am wondering if that has anything to do with it. I have taken GABA by itself and it didn’t help me either. At any rate, I have tried it about five times now. I don’t know if it gets better over time or not. Maybe I will try it several nights in a row and I’ll let you know what I find out.

As with any of my reviews, I will update them as I use the product longer or when I find out new information.


CBD Hemp Extract Cream

Because they didn’t come with instructions, I wasn’t sure what to expect for the next two products I tried: the HempFusion CBD Hempextract Cream and the HempFusion CBD Hempextract Balm. I tried the cream on my neck which was somewhat stiff and with minor pain. I could feel that if I didn’t do something, it could turn into a painful neck and headache combo that I get all too often. Within a short time of rubbing it on my neck, it was much more relaxed and the pain was gone. It’s such a handy size that I decided to keep this in my purse to have on hand wherever I am. It smells like peppermint which isn’t offensive like some of the over-the-counter muscle rubs, so it’s great to use in public. For me the HempFusion CBD Hempextract Cream works best as a preventative–to put on muscles when I first notice them getting stiff or sore–which happens from sitting at the computer or looking down at my phone for too long (blush).


CBD Hemp Extract Balm

The HempFusion CBD Hempextract Balm –that’s the one in the jar–is lovely and I’ll tell you why: my right hand was a mildly achy and I thought I’d try it on there.The balm made my hand felt so smooth and soft that I rubbed it into the whole back of my hand and knuckles. I want this stuff for a hand cream! My dry knuckles became soft after one use! Wow. I don’t know that this was their intent for the product, but it makes your skin so soft!


Hempfusion Hemp CBD Review


Liquid 5 CBD Hemp Extract

Practicing herbal medicine, herbal extracts are part of my daily routine. I was intrigued and happy to try the HempFusion Liquid 5 CBD Hemp Extract. It smells and tastes like mint chocolate–yum! I decided to try it in my morning coffee, so I blended up a cup of mocha coffee and added the HempFusion Liquid 5 CBD Hemp Extract. It was delicious! But of course, that’s not the best part of the product. The carrier oil for the CBD is Hemp oil itself, which is high in Omega Fatty Acids 3, 6, 7 and 9. Among other additions to this CBD extract is Black Seed Extract. Have you heard of Black Seed? Having been used for centuries in Asia for many different illnesses, it has been touted as cure everything but death! Haha! Sounds funny, but anything with that reputation, I want more of! This is my favorite of the HempFusion products so far.

The CBD Hemp Extract also comes in gel caps, but I really like the drops so I can control how much I use. I’d love to try the HempFusion Liquid CBD 20 Hemp Extract to see if it helps even more with my joint pain.



HempFusion Liquid CBD Hemp Extract review



Twist Key Lime Hemp CBD Extract

The HempFusion Twist Key Lime Hemp CBD Extract tastes good and can be added to your water or shake in the morning. If you don’t like the taste of mint chocolate, then the Twist is a good alternative. I’m going to stick to the HempFusion Liquid 10 CBD Hemp Extract, however, because it has double the CBD and Terpenes, more Omega oils and also the Black Seed for the same price. Also, if you are on a low-carb/Keto way of eating like I am, then steer clear of the Twist products as they contain a little sugar with a total  5 carbs. That isn’t much for the average person, but when every carb counts when you’re on KETO.


Stress CBD Hemp Extract

I look forward to trying the HempFusion Stress CBD Hemp Extract on some stressful days as well. It contains Ashwagandha which is a much-used adaptogen and stress reliever in the herbal world, but I haven’t noticed that Ashwagandha alone helped me in the past. This product has the same ingredients as the Sleep formula except that it has Ashwagandha instead of the GABA. In both of these products, it is the additional herb that is doing the heavy lifting for stress and sleep. If you respond well to Ashwagandha and GABA, then try these products. Again, I will update my review when I have tried the Stress Extract for a while.

With all of the new CBD companies out there, it’s nice to see one that is doing it right. If you would like to check out HempFusion’s products, visit their website HempFusion.com.


HempFusion Hemp CBD Product Review

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