No More DIY Throw Pillow Covers

I love the idea of DIYing, do you? That’s D.I.Y.-ing–Do It Yourself -ing. (I had to explain because my husband asked what it was!)  I love to go through Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby and Michaels and dream of the endless possibilities of cuteness I could make. But do I make it? Generally, no. — I mean, I have. I’ve made my own decorative throw pillows, for instance, way back when I was single and was decorating my first place–you know, simple little squares stuffed with pillow stuffing. But with all the cute pillow covers out there now, I say, no more DIY throw pillow covers!

Sort of DIY Throw Pillow Covers

Just so you don’t go feeling guilty about not making all the throw pillow ideas you pinned on Pinterest, let’s just say that with these, you are still saving money, time and the pillows you already have. You can buy a pillow form–or make it yourself, because it will be hidden and no one will see your interesting stitching–and then you put the pillow case over the form. Tada! You Did It Yourself!! Haha. Or you can just use the throw pillows that you already have and are tired of.

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Besides, there is no way I can duplicate all the cuteness in these pillow covers. Plus I never learned how to put in a zipper. These zip right off and you can change them with whatever your decorating whim is next. Zippers already installed! 🙂


Fluffy Throw Pillow Covers

I love fluffy, soft throw pillows–especially in the winter. But I have to admit that I keep them out all year long.


Express Yourself with Word Pillow Covers

I love that word signs and word pictures–and word pillows!– are all in vogue nowadays. These pillow covers let you express what is on your mind.



Our home decor is an expression of ourselves. Throw pillows covers are a perfect way to declare your interests to the world. This one displays my love for books. (Swoon) I think I homeschooled my kids just as an excuse to collect more books. Haha. (Shh. Don’t tell anyone. 😉 )


Sometimes Decorative Throw Pillows are just about being pretty!

Sometimes you just need to add some beauty and interest to a room. Or maybe you want to emphasize a theme.



The color in your room can also set the atmosphere. If you want your room to be calm and peaceful, consider tones in greens and blues. Want more energy in the room, add reds, yellows and oranges.



If you’re looking for deals , eBay also has bazillions of throw pillow covers!

Throw pillow covers abound and for me it is a new discovery. Really, I thought I had to go and drop a bundle on pretty pillows and I felt bad, because I thought I should make my own! But no more! No more DIY throw pillows covers guilt!

I am now going to re-donate this button-down sweater that I bought to make a pillow cover and never did. (In my defense, my sewing machine doesn’t work right. Well, it might, but where would I set it up? lol)

DIY Sweater Throw Pillow Cover

I am now just going to buy these cute sweater throw pillow covers and put them on my old, worn-out throw pillows that I saved from a previous sofa we had to assuage any guilt. Ha!

So go ahead. Give yourself permission to say No More DIY Throw Pillow Covers!