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If you love flowers and poetry and giving gifts, then The Posy Book is just right for you! The book isn’t just about making bouquets, but more of the poetry and meaning of flowers and putting them together to make lovely and unique gifts.


The Posy Book


There’s something about the care of choosing just the right bouquet to express our love, gratitude or well-wishes when gifting flowers that can’t really be compared to other gifts. Thought has to go into the gift. You ponder, what colors, smells, flowers, and arrangements will be just right for that special someone? And hopefully, when you’ve taken the time to give them, the recipient will be overjoyed with the beauty! That’s the idea, right? For them to know that you cared enough to take the time to find the perfect bouquet.

In The Posy Book, Teresa H. Sabankaya explains that a bouquet can be even more meaningful than the thought, time and expense you put into it. What if you chose flowers based on their meaning?

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The Meanings of Flowers

Historically, flowers have been given one meaning or another. We all know that red roses mean love, but beyond that, we’re just not sure. Some, like Forget-me-nots, have the meaning right in their name!

And the meanings don’t just end at flowers. The Posy Book adds the meanings of other plants like herbs, trees and wild plants (er, um, weeds 😉 ), because those can make lovely additions to posy bouquets and some are even easy to find growing around you.

Most of us haven’t learned the meanings of flowers, though, so a simple card with the names of the flowers and the meanings of each could be so much fun!


Flower and plants have meanins


So What is a Posy?

The Posy Book shares briefly the origins of the meanings of flowers and posies. In short, a posy is a small bouquet sent with meaning. Sometimes this small bouquet is called a nosegay or tussie-mussie as well. Posies were originally sent with a note or poem, so why not send the posy with at least a list of flowers in your bouquet along with the meanings of each.


Posy Recipes

Also in The Posy Book is a “recipe book” of posy bouquets, each with beautiful photos, design tips and meanings of the flowers for that bouquet. She gives ideas for giving posy bouquets for birthdays, friendship, engagements, the birth of a baby boy or girl, love, cheering up, house warming and many more.

Next, she shows how to make a posy yourself. You can follow her recipes or make up your own bouquets from what you can find near you because she also includes a complete dictionary of flower meanings! Most of us won’t have all of the flowers in each bouquet available to us, but you could also show the photo and recipe to a local florist for them to order the flowers and even make it for you if you’d like.

Being all into herbs right now, I really like that all of the posies that I saw also had a fragrant herb included. So maybe I’ll make a posy out of herbs and wildflowers! The sky is the limit, really, when creating these beautiful posies!


Grow Your Own Posy Garden

Creating posies may often take some planning ahead. Whether you buy what is on hand, order flowers or pick your own. If you find that the language of flowers and posy making really is your thing, Teresa H. Sabankaya even gives resources for planting your own posy garden.

The Posy Book is beautiful and one that I will definitely keep in my personal library. It has so many resources and references along with the beautiful flower photos and posy recipes, that I know it is one that I will use often and share with others.

When giving flowers as a gift you can be as elaborate as buying a fancy bouquet from a flower shop or as casual as buying a bouquet from the grocery store. You could give your carefully grown prize rose or pick wildflowers from the neighboring field. Wherever you get them from–give flowers!


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The Posy Bouquet and The Posy Book Review

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  • Thank you Carmen Alexander Rosales for the review! I am happy to hear you enjoyed the book, and hopefully for years to come!

    • You’re welcome, Teresa! It’s such a beautiful book. I was happy to share it with my readers!

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