Travel Blogging Blastoff Course Review

Would you like to travel the world and make money doing it? Or maybe you want to stay local and share the best tourist spots in your city, state or country. You can make money doing that, too. The Travel Blogging Blastoff Course by Lifestyle and Travel bloggers Heather and Pete Reese will show you how.

When I first heard Pete and Heather Reese tell about their blogging experience, I was super impressed and a bit envious. At the time they were traveling about 150 days a year with their family, and their blog was producing a comfortable lifestyle for them. Pete was able to leave his regular job and join Heather on the blogging journey. That’s what I wanted, too–let my husband retire, be able to travel, and fund our lifestyle with the income from my blog. I was so excited to get started!

Make money with a travel blog side hustle business

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What is in the Travel Blogging Blastoff Course

This is a six-week course with six modules. While I can’t explain everything in the course in this short article, I can tell you the idea of what each week covers. (You can skip my explanation and go right to viewing what is in the course yourself here where the course is laid out in detail.)

1. The first week you learn the extensive opportunities for having a travel blog business, how to narrow down your niche, how to create a brand and logo, how to find and tell your own story, etc.

2. In Week two you will learn how to create content–even before you have traveled, how to create the best blog post, and how to create the best travel photos and videos.

3. Week three covers how to get your blog out there and gain more readers by posting on social media and how to use email marketing and grow your email list.

4.  Week four is where Pete and Heather Reese’s experience as travel bloggers really shines through. You will learn how to become a Professional Travel Blogger. This section covers the nitty-gritty of the do’s and don’ts of travel blogging, how to plan your trips, how to make travel expenses reasonable, and much more.

5.  Week five is all about working with businesses in the tourist industry to get sponsored trips to cover in your blog and videos including writing the emails and creating contracts.

6.   Lastly, week six covers the many ways you can monetize your travel blog and how much you can expect to make blogging about travel.

Travel Blogging Blastoff Course Review, Is the course worth the money

In addition to the six modules listed above, the Travel Blogging Blastoff Course also includes:

1.  Start a Travel Blog Course

2.  Members-only Private Facebook Community where you can discuss and ask questions on all things travel-blog. This group is SO helpful as you learn from other people’s questions and get answers from others who are more experienced. The Reese’s themselves answer the more difficult questions, so you know you will find an answer.

3.  Members-only Travel Blogging Sharing Group to help get more traffic to your site and increase your social media presence.

4. Pete and Heather Reese’s confidential list of 450+ travel destination contacts so you can get started quickly planning your trips.

5. Behind-the-scenes Vlogs showing the Reese family and what happens on their comped travel trips.

6. You can also take part in the optional 10-day challenges that they host each month which boosts productivity, social media followings and more.

7.  WordPress Course to get you going setting up your blog with WordPress.

8. The private WordPress Facebook Support Group where you can ask all your technical blogging questions about WordPress. This group is so helpful and an amazing resource.

What I like best about the Travel Blogging Blastoff Course

Pete and Heather Reese are just fun to work with. They have laid out this course in a very organized, step-by-step way and they explain every step in an easy-to-understand way for the beginner. Yet the course is very thorough, covering questions I didn’t even know I had yet. They are committed to your success and so have created multiple layers of support. Because they are personable and friendly, I felt comfortable asking questions in the groups. They show that even the average person can do well with blogging with the right tools and determination.

Travel the world free or with low cost with comped travel paid for by tourist businesses when you have a travel blog.

Learn how to get comped travel  — FREE video.

The course creators are always adding more benefits of their programs and this video is one of them and they’ve made it available to you. If you’ve already got a travel blog or if you would like to get a taste of the course, you can sign up for the free Email Your Way to Comped Travel video.

Is the Travel Blogging Blastoff Course Worth the Money

When I consider the cost of college courses today, this course is priced exceptionally well. And it isn’t just “book learnin” — it’s real-life learning. When you follow the steps, you will actually be starting your blog and on your way to building a travel blog business. And did you see what all you get and the bonuses? The Reeses estimate that by industry standards, just numbers 1-5 of the bonus material listed above is worth $1380. That doesn’t include the course itself or the WordPress course, WordPress Facebook group, or the 10-Day Challenges. Whether you are new to blogging, already have a travel blog, or just want to take your blog to a new level or focus it on travel, then the Travel Blogging Blastoff Course can get you going in the right direction.

Is a Travel Blog Right for You?

I’m sure one of your goals for having a travel blog is to be able to travel and share your own adventures. Whether you can write or take good pictures, whether you know how to take good videos or not, you can learn the skills to create a great blog if that’s what you want. So is having a travel blog right for you?

*Do you like to travel?

*Do you like to take pictures or would you like to learn how?

*Do you like to write?

*Would you like to make money so that you can travel more?

*Would you like to make money online while living abroad?

*Would you like to earn money while traveling year-round?

*Do you have a knack for telling stories that others find entertaining?

*Are you good at explaining things in words?

*Are you addicted to watching House Hunters International and other travel shows? (I just had to throw that one in there. They make my heart long to travel!)

If you answered “yes” to any of these, then a travel blog might be just might be a great way for you to start as a side hustle.

How Do You Have a Travel Blog during a Pandemic?

The top question people ask about travel blogging right now is, how can you write about travel when travel is so limited because of the quarantine? That is one of the things covered in the course. With the resources given to you in the course, you will see how to blog about travel before you even travel with articles about locations, travel prep, travel tips and more.

Start a Travel Blog 5-Day Email Course

If you haven’t even started a blog yet and would like to know how read my post Simple Steps to Start a Blog. All the steps are there, and you start any type of blog the same way. Once you’ve set up your blog, you may want to start with the Reese’s free 5-Day Email Course, Start a Travel Blog. It basically just takes you through the same things that I took you through, but it’s free, so why not?

Would You Rather Start Another Type of Blog but Still Make Money?

If you would rather start any other type of blog, then I would recommend the Blogging Blastoff 2.0 Course, also offered by Pete and Heather Reese. That is the course that got be started in blogging and it covered everything I needed to get my blog off and running. Plus they give you lots of support in their Facebook groups and bonus WordPress course and monthly challenges. You can read my review of the Blogging Blastoff 2.0 Course here.

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