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Welcome to Discover! Create! Inspire! I’m Carmen Alexander Rosales and I’m so glad you found me. This blog is one way for me to connect with my readers on a personal level and share beautiful, healthy, positive products, places, ideas and inspiration from my world and around the web. I hope that in these pages you will find inspiration to discover and create and explore for yourself.



Since my husband and I are recent empty nesters, we are hoping to free up time to travel more. Watch for our tips about travel over 50. Our special interests are Guatemala and Central America because my husband is from there. It’s such a special and beautiful country with precious people and fascinating culture. Whether we travel locally or internationally, I want to share my discoveries and inspire you to travel, too.


At Discover! Create! Inspire! we’re all about beautiful, practical, inspirational, healthy, frugal products, recipes, and tips.  I’ll be sharing some of My Favorites with you soon.


Right now I’m learning family herbalism with an emphasis on wild and native medicinal and edible plants and fungi–hence all the herbs and plant posts. We recently lived right in the Jefferson National Forest for a couple years and we just bought a fixer-upper on four wooded acres, so I have lots of space to explore. I’m also growing an herb garden and am learning to grow herbs that aren’t native to my area. Soon I will start growing edible and medicinal mushrooms under the shade of the trees in my back yard. So exciting!


I have also been learning traditional food preparations and preservation methods, in fermenting and real food recipes. I think the revival in these methods started with both the concern over the chemical use and lack of nutrients in mass produced foods as well as people wanting to learn these skills in case of a catastrophic event. Whatever the reason, I believe getting back to traditional food preparation methods will improve our health.


I will also be sharing with you some of my favorite products, so you may see affiliate links or product recommendation. If you click products you’re interested in and purchase the product, it will not cost you more, but it will help me pay for the cost of this blog. I appreciate your help!


Above all, I hope to inspire you to discover and create for yourself.


Check out my About me page to see more pictures of my family and to learn how to stay connected.


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  • Karla Girón García says:

    I love the idea of you writting a blog. I can get advantage of all your wise advises which I’ve missed all these years. Keep it up girl!

    • Aw, thank you, Karla! <3

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