What Inspired The Famous Artists? — The Artist’s Garden Review

Have you ever wondered what inspired the famous artists who painted so many scenes that we are familiar with and which we have continued to enjoy for so many generations after they were painted? What were they looking at? Or did they make up the scene? What were the artists’ worlds like?

The Artist’s Garden Review

In this book which I recently received to review, The Artist’s Garden, the author, Jackie Bennett, takes you to the world of famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Henri Le Sidaner, Monet and many more. The author has searched and now shares with us the background of the artists, where they were painting, what they were seeing and the gardens they painted. Bennett takes us through the lives of the artists and explains what life would have been like for them at the different stages and places, so we get a real sense of who the artist was and what influenced them.

Review of The Artist's Garden by Jackie Bennett
What Inspired the Famous Artists — The Artist’s Garden Review

The beautiful photos in The Artist’s Garden depict the exact or similar gardens and buildings that are still standing today which the artists painted or homes where they stayed. How fascinating!

What Inspired the Famous Artists -- The Artist's Garden Review
Renoir The Farm at Les Collettes, Cagnes
What inspires the famous artists - The Artist's Garden Review
Renoir’s Olive Garden from The Artist’s Garden by Jackie Bennett

Plant a Garden to Be Your Inspiration

Some of the artists like Sorolla and Le Sidaner were gardeners as well. At least they planned out the gardens where they lived to create the atmosphere and picturesque landscapes that they wanted to live in as well as paint.

At the first house we ever owned, I planted trees and bushes and bulbs and perennials with the goal of having year-round color and interest. It worked! Beauty inspires me and it was always beautiful there. I now live in the woods and except for my few herbs, I am letting the garden woods inspire me without much fuss or work on my part.

You could plant an inspiration garden in your yard, even if it isn’t very big. (See my article on Small Space Gardening.) If you want it to be low maintenance, I suggest using perennials and bulbs. Most bulbs you would plant in the fall and perennials are best planted in spring or fall when temperatures are generally more moderate. Bulbs and perennials generally take very little care and come up year after year. Check your local garden center for ideas as they generally stock plants that will do well in your area. If you want to be able to choose from a wider variety, look through seed and garden websites or visit your local nursery. Just be sure to look up your U.S. hardiness zone if you are in the U.S to make sure your plants will thrive in your area.

What inspires the famous artists - The Artist's Garden Review
The Useful Garden in Wannsee to the West, Max Liebermann oil painting
What inspired the famous artists - The Artist's Garden Review
Lake Wannsee gardens from The Artist’s Garden by Jackie Bennett

How Do Garden’s Inspire You?

Gardens are inspirational places indeed and can inspire us, too! How do gardens inspire you? To paint? To draw? To write? To sing? To write a song? To connect with God?

We have so many gardens in the U.S. and around the world to visit and to find inspiration. Whether a city garden, college campus botanical garden or a local backyard garden plot, it’s lovely to walk through or sit near the plants. Take time to look at the glorious flowers and then beyond. Look at the foliage, the stalks, the seed heads, the bugs, the ground cover. It is fascinating and beautiful. I hope these gardens speak to you and inspire you as they do me, and as they did for so many famous artists.

The Artist’s Garden – A Great Gift

If you’re considering The Artist’s Garden for a gift, it would be wonderful for the art lover, gardener, artist or art student. The Artist’s Garden would make a beautiful coffee table book and a lovely addition to an art book collection.

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What Inspires the Famous Artists - The Artist's Garden Review

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